Cantiere delle Marche Nauta Air 90 M/Y Noga

Cantiere delle Marche Nauta Air 90

The new Cantiere delle Marche Nauta Air 90. The boat is a real beauty, with its longer hull, bigger cockpit and the black hardtop, looks even better than the Nauta Air 86!

  • FULL CUSTOMIZATION (see the difference inl ay out of the 86 and the 90 and the different windows, length and shape of the main deck, etc)


Cantiere Delle Marche Nauta Air 86 Launch

World’s First Nauta Air 86’ Superyacht Launched in Italy

Phuket, Thailand. 18 June, 2014. The world’s first Nauta Air 86’ ocean going explorer yacht, “YOLO” (“You Only Live Once”), from Italy’s fast growing and trend setting Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) shipyard,was launched at a glittering champagne ceremony in Ancona, Italy on Saturday night, 14 June, 2014.

Phuket’s leading new yacht dealer, Australia, China and Southeast Asia agents for CdM, Lee Marine, sold the yacht two years ago to its dynamic young owner, whose personal input into all aspects of the luxurious yacht since 2012 make it, in the words of one person involved with the sale, “the personification of intelligent customization” to the super yacht class.

“YOLO” is purpose built for long voyage luxury sailing (range 3900 nautical miles at 9 knots, cruising speed 13.5 knots, maximum speed 17 knots) to afford maximum luxury relaxation and entertainment, coupled with unique measures to give complete privacy for the owner and guests.

The owner launched the all-aluminum, white hulled “YOLO” along with his family, friends, CdM and Lee Marine executives and shipyard workers at a spectacular ceremony at CdM’s Ancona, Italy shipyard on the Adriatic Sea. The launch was followed by a lunch with all the shipyard workers at the CdM facility to say Thank You to all involved and later followed by a dinner and party in the evening at the nearby Passetto hotel.



Lee Marine broker, Marcus Overman, who sold the boat, commented on the”passion that goes into the building and the emotions and pride shown by the contractors for this boat.” He said the owner could be “justly proud” of his input into the boat over two years “to make the boat what she is today.”

The Nauta Air 86’ started life as a Nauta Air 80’ when first introduced by Lee Marine. Nine revisions later it was minutely customized under the owner’s personal attention, in collaboration with Mario Pedol, Massimo Gino and the award winning Nauta Design team, and extended to 86 feet to accommodate the owner’s personal preferences. His attitude toward the yacht’s design is “comfort, fun and above all quality”.

Other adaptations from a standard design, includea three cabin configuration (originally four), a massive 66 sq.m. fly bridge complete with Jacuzzi, a huge master bedroom with private companionway from the saloon (one of two companionways to the accommodation deck), galley aft on the main deck, a gymnasium and sauna, extended crew quarters, spacious tender and jet ski storage and luxuriously appointed furnishings by top Italian designer Laura Pomponi of Luxury Projects. The expansive fly bridge has a full bar counter and ample seating for a significant party all under the protection of a large hardtop to provide shade.

The Nauta Air 86’ employs high grade material and standards born out of commercial ship building, which is the genesis of CdM’s beginnings. The exceptional level of engineering and clean, easily serviceable machinery spaces are very engineer friendly and the full beam master bedroom is breathtaking in its size and stunning luxury.



Two Caterpillar C18 ACERT 885 HP motors generating 2200 rpm propel the CDM Nauta Air 86’. Maximum range at 9 knots is 3900 nautical miles (approximately the distance from Phuket to just south of Melbourne, Australia)from a 22,000 litre fuel tank (more than three times the capacity of comparably priced production yachts). CdM yachts are specifically designed for long voyages and to handle open ocean sea conditions.

The owner plans to cruise the Mediterranean Sea following sea trials off Ancona for the first two seasons then to sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean before eventually venturing west to the Pacific, Australia and Asia. The yacht will have a world-wide launch at the Cannes International Boat Show in Cannes, France in early September.

Vasco Buonpensiere, CdM’s Sales and Marketing Director said with the launch of YOLO, the Nauta Air 86 “we have really had a great vision with the Nauta Air series and we have definitely nailed down a gap in the market which will make us even more successful. These boats express a roaring elegance.” Cantiere Delle Marche, only launched in 2010, also produce the Darwin Class Explorer, a steel hulled full displacement motor yacht with a 6000 nautical mile range (approximately the distances between Phuket and Casablanca in Morocco), of which several have so far been launched and are cruising the globe.

Commented Lee Marine’s Joshua Lee: “Launching the world’s first CDM Nauta Air is a huge honour and a distinct milestone in our company’s seventeen year history. I am deeply proud of this yacht, the owner and the team that contributed to making this happen. We would like to make a special mention to Mario Pedol and his design team at Nauta Design for the fantastic work they did. Also to the tireless Vasco Buonpenserie and his team whose passion for CdM shines through with each and every project. We have learnt a great deal from the building process that is of benefit to our distribution and the sale of these unique products.” Mr. Lee said “YOLO” represents a shift toward longer self contained sea journeys “and more adventure for the clients.” He indicated more CdM Nauta Air yacht sales may be on the way.  A Nauta Air 90’ is currently under construction in Ancona.

Marcus Overman explained how “YOLO” came about. The owner was looking to upgrade from a mid-sized production yacht to something offering long range and a high level of comfort. After attending boat shows around the world he never found the boat that “ticked all the boxes” until we introduced him to CDM and the Nauta Air where he saw the benefits of “full customization and high quality build.” After visiting Ancona he was convinced “he had found the perfect home to begin the journey to create his ideal yacht.” Mr. Overman said.

“We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the owner and also to the whole team at Cantiere delle Marche on the launch of what is undoubtedly the most exciting new launch of 2014.”

About Lee Marine: Lee Marine is Thailand’s leading new yacht dealership and pre-owned yacht brokerage in Asia and are exclusive distributors for Cantiere Delle Marche Explorer Yachts for South East Asia, China and Australia/New Zealand.  Founded in Phuket in 1997, Lee Marine has built a reputation for client focused services and prides itself on being able to lend its customers the benefit of long experience both in brokerage and new yacht construction.

About Cantiere delle Marche:  The groundwork of solid values that sets the Cantiere delle Marche shipyard apart is provided by the expert group of firms and professionals brought together by the Cecchini family, renowned throughout the years in the shipbuilding industry for having constructed high-technology commercial ships and carried out challenging refitting projects, including the mega-yachts Lady Haya (67 metres) and Prometej (45 metres), plus more recent efforts involving highly refined Explorer Vessels.

Working alongside the Cecchini family in the company’s top management is Vasco Buonpensiere, Director of Sales & Marketing. Vasco is also involved in the product strategy and development bringing into the company all his lengthy experience as an international broker and on his 6 years service as Marketing Director and Brand Manager for Custom Line and CRN of the Ferretti Group.

The Cantiere delle Marche shipyard draws on the skills of acclaimed professionals in the field of naval engineering and design developed by Hydro Tech/Sergio Cutolo (for the Darwin Class line), as well as design, with Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Design (for Nauta Air line).  These are combined with important internal know-how, provided by a network of highly successful firms that belong to its corporate group, for steel carpentry, piping, the engine assemblies and the furniture, which, working hand in hand with the shipyard’s staff, have built dozens of ships and yachts admired throughout the world.

Cantiere delle Marche announces another sale

Cantiere delle Marche announces another sale

Italian Shipyard Cantiere delle Marche signs a new contract for the construction of a new Explorer Yacht Darwin Class 86’.


Ancona, Italy, 17th June 2013. After two months from the delivery of Darwin Class 96’, M/Y Stella di Mare, that will debut in Cannes at the next Festival de la Plaisance, Cantiere delle Marche confirms the success of its sales and products strategies with a new contract signed for the construction of an Explorer Yacht Darwin Class 86’. With an average of one yacht sold every three months from the beginning of the shipyard’s sales activities, Cantiere delle Marche is once again awarded by the international market. Many clients from different areas of the world have already taken the opportunity to build their new yachts at the CdM facility in Ancona, where big volumes, over-engeneering and handcrafted quality yachts are recognized by clients and surveyors worldwide.

The new 86’ Explorer Yacht’s standards totally match the Darwin Class’ technical features, designed and engineered by Hydro Tec/Sergio Cutolo: the extra-thick steel plates, the treatment systems for bilge, black and grey water used also on commercial ships for H24/365 work, the remote controlled valves, the automatic parallel device for gensets’ management, two independent rudders are only a few of the standard fetures which make the Darwin Class standing out since its presentation to the market. In this particolar case, already during the contract’s negotiation, the client had the opportunity to customize both the tecnical specifications and his new yacht’s interior design. Architect Pierluigi Floris created stylish and refined spaces that can host all the pieces of the client’s family collection of contemporary art. The colours of the chosen materials go from beige to grey, intensifying till the gunmetal grey of the hull. The free standing contemporary furniture will harmoniously contrast the general sober lines of the interiors mood. All the lower deck, following the owner’s request, will be very bright, thanks to the portholes which will be doubled, compared to the ones of the standard Darwin Class 86’ line.

The sky lounge on the upper deck will be a wide space dedicated to the entertainment, with hi-fi, rollaway tv and other domotic devices, that can be enjoyed by an unusual number of guests for a boat of this size. More, the Transformer swim platform, the dehumidifier interiors system, sophisticated perimetral anti intrusion system, and an openable hard top are just some examples of the requested customizations that the shipyard successfully implemented in its standard specs. Vasco Buonpensiere, CdM shareholder and sales director, comments: “There’s no doubt that our Darwin Class line has soon become the main reference for everyone who is interested in the Explorer Yachts market. As a matter of fact, after less than three years of activity, the continuous visits at Cantiere delle Marche from many prospect clients and brokers, the on-going negotiations and the number of yachts sold and in construction up to now, are definetly positive signs, especially in this economic moment, that make us incredibly proud”.

Ennio Cecchini, CdM shareholder and CEO, adds: ”I personally experienced this long and exciting process that has brought us this success: I think the winning formula has been the full involvement of the client since the beginning, and I would like to thank him from all of us. It will be a very special Darwin Class, indeed and we are all looking forward to seeing it cruising the Oceans!’.