Lee Marine gives away 7,200 drinking water to our community.

Lee Marine went to Bang Rong School for distributing LM drinking water. Everyone enjoy and we are a part to support our community.


We divided for each school, Mosque and exercise team appropriate as per the following:

  • Baan Bang Pae Mosque x 50 packs
  • Baan Ao Po Mosque x 50 packs
  • Baan Ao Po School x 100 packs
  • Baan Bang Rong School x 100 packs
  • Baan Bang Rong Exercise Club x 50 packs
  • Nurunyanna Mosque, Bang Rong x 50 packs
  • Alfat Mosque, Bang Rong x 50 packs
  • Baan Para Exercise Club x 50 packs
  • Paklok Volleyball Team x 100 packs

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UWCT BENEFIT GALA, Phuket – Their first fundraising event and a great success.

A great evening of entertainment, food, drinks and company attended by 350 guests who came together to support the event. All proceeds go towards a full needs-based scholarship for a local Thai student to attend UWCT.

Founder and Managing Director, Joshua Lee and friends were amongst the attendees and also contributed to the many auction prizes.

Thank you from UWCT Benefit Gala Committee; “We are thankful to UWC staff, parents and the Phuket community for helping us raise 1,600,000 baht, which will enable an underprivileged local Thai student to attend UWCT for the 2 year IB Diploma Programme starting in August 2017. The funds raised will fully cover the student’s tuition fees, food, allowances, equipment and all other school associated expenses. 


A heartfelt gratitude goes out to you personally for helping us achieve our goal: making a transformational change in a child’s life by providing the opportunity to have quality education. Our success would not have been possible without your generosity and support.”


UWCT or United World College Thailand, previously Phuket International Academy is a 3-programme IB community of learners, welcoming students aged 18 months to 18 years. They embed social emotional learning and mindfulness into the curriculum, and place emphasis on both experiential and service learning.


Founder and Managing Director, Joshua Lee and friends were amongst the attendees and also contributed to the many auction prizes

Situated in beautiful northern Phuket, Thailand, and representing 65 different nationalities, they are an international community dedicated to their mission: making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. They seek to realise their highest human potential, cultivate genuine happiness and take mindful and compassionate action.

United World College Thailand. A Thanyapura Not-For-Profit Affiliate.


Education Fund A+ for Nong Mint


For the past two years, a very lucky, little, local girl has been receiving support from Lee Marine for her education. Nong Mint, who is now studying in Grade 3, at Srithsoonthorn Banrung School, continues to flourish. The nine year old is a clever child earning top rank in her class last year – Grade Two. In addition, Nong Mint scored highest in the Handwriting competition. Her studies and activities show that she is polite, patient and well mannered, according to her teachers.

IMG_0432 IMG_0436IMG_0425  IMG_0445 IMG_0441Along with Nong Mint’s cash donation, Lee Marine team visited the school recently bearing gifts for all the students from Kindergarten – Grade 6 level. The coloured pencils, erasers and stationary made them very happy. The Head Teacher joined all the Staff and Nong Mint in saying, “THANK YOU for your kindness,” to Lee Marine.

If you would like to contribute to the education of a local, Thai child, kindly contact Ms Bee at Lee Marine. E:


The Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Khao Phansa)

At Thasak Temple (Wat) situated at Baan Para, Pakklok, Phuket, Lent Candles and offerings were given to the monks to mark this auspicious occasion.

Buddhists believe that offering candles to monk as a means of light will brighten their future.

Buddhist Lent (The Buddhist Lent Day: The First Day of Rainy Season Retreat)


Commencing the three-month Buddhist Lent, known as Khao Phansa in Thailand, traditionally falls on the first day of the waxing moon of the eighth lunar month. During this period, coinciding with the rainy season, Buddhist monks and novices remain closeted in their particular monasteries, discouraged from spending nights elsewhere. The custom of spending three months of the rainy season in a fixed place is a ritual observed since the time of the Lord Buddha. In bygone days, however, villagers attributed young rice seedling damage at the start of the planting season to unnecessary travel by monks. Realising that monks on pilgrimages could accidentally tread on young plants, the Lord Buddha decreed that his followers spend three months of the rainy season in permanent dwellings.


In cases of necessity, such as care-giving sick monks, parents or conducting religious functions, monks may travel and stay away from their monasteries during this period. However, they are required to return within seven days. To observe Buddhist Lent, Buddhists usually perform merit making, giving alms to monks, attending sermons and participating in candlelight processions. They also strictly observe Buddhist ethics, especially on holy days. During this annual ‘rain retreat’, monks study more and teach those who have chosen this period to enter monkhood. Laymen usually visit temples to offer monks food, clothing, medicine, flower, joss sticks, Lenten candles and other offerings. Such practices they consider highly meritorious.



All For Villages


All For Villages

All for Villages is a non-profit charity organisation established 2005, in Thailand, in the wake of the 2004 Tsunami tragedy. Tables, mats, markers and whiteboards are a tad more plentiful these days at All for Villages.  Lee Marine International Marine Brokerage, Phuket made donations to assist the children in their learning programmes at Phayam Island. This community effort, mostly supported through the generosity of volunteers and donations has enhanced and improved the lives of many children that attend. This small island school is located 35km from Ranong, opposite Myanmar’s St. Mathew’s Island.  Kindly consider supporting, too. See their website for details and to donate.


Donations to the Education Fund for Poor Children

Once again this year, Lee Marine is pleased to have attended and given donations to the Education Fund for Poor Children. The ceremonies were held recently at Vichit Sangkraram Temple, Wat Kuan in Thai language. The Pha-Pa Ceremony, known as Picked-Up Robes Offering Ceremony or Robe-Offering ceremony, is a main merit-making event for Buddhists.


Both local villagers, some dressed in local Nongya Baba and southern garb attended along with government officials. The ‘money trees’ or kathin trees, were paraded and presented to the charity’s officials. The trees boosted the charity’s funding by over B320,000.


In addition, cash gifts of appreciation were accepted by the monks as were robes and basic supplies. A gesture of thanks from the people for presiding over this ceremony.


Also officiating was Dr Supalak Kanjanamethakul, the President of Child Watch Phuket. The local people, stood tall with pride on this day and continue their good community work. Lee Marine is pleased to give-back to the community and this worthy cause.


Lee Marine Supports Phuket Stray Dog Shelter

A happy Shelter worker accepts donations of dog food from Nunnaphat Thongsirisate (Ms Bee), Lee Marine International Marine Brokerage.

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Over 400 neglected, abused and injured canines are under the care of Phuket local governments. If you would like to help, too, they require cleaning fluid, Dettol, rice and food, or adopt a dog.

Save a Life by Donating Today

Contact Khun Wan : 081 081 4549 or Facebook

Thepkasattri Rd. Bann Muang Mai, T. Maikhao, Opposite PTT Gas Station


Lee Marine donated to the Education Fund at Sithsoonthornbamroong School.

A very happy Ms Mint (Sidarat Pear-Ngern) is all smiles with Martin Holmes, General Manager of Lee Marine International Marine Brokerage. This month, Lee Marine donated to the Education Fund at Sithsoonthornbamroong School. The fund was given to Ms Mint who is known to be a well-mannered, bright student. Congratulations Ms Mint. Well done!


Ms Mint (Sidarat Pear-Ngern), a grade 2 student at Sithsoonthornbamroong School, has been recognised for her hard work and has been rewarded. Lee Marine’s donation to the Education Fund will help Ms Mint through her next semester.


Teachers, officials and the some of the Lee Marine team, gathered at Sithsoonthornbamroong School on the east coast of Phuket to congratulate Ms Mint on her great efforts and good studies.


Phuket Social Welfare Development Centre for Older Persons

Recently, Phuket Social Welfare Development Centre for Older Persons in Paklok on Phuket’s east coast, was pleased to receive visitations and donations from Lee Marine International Marine Brokerage. This support and learning centre will make good use of the air mattresses and bed tables for the elders in this local group.

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Lee Marine continues sponsoring SUPERKIDZ Aquathon and Anyman Aquathon @ Thanyapura

Lee Marine continues sponsoring SUPERKIDZ Aquathon and Anyman Aquathon @ Thanyapura

Encouraging children to excel in sports, as well as academically is important to Lee Marine International Marine Brokerage.  This is the third time that Lee Marine has sponsored this Phuket event. This challenging swimming and running race was held on 5th September, 2015. Lee Marine’s support of 30,000 THB will assist in the Superkidz Aquathalon: learn to swim program.