Koh Maiton Phuket


Whether for a long holiday or just a weekend getaway, Phuket has plenty of island retreats to offer. However, one island stands out among others. Hidden in the glistening turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea is the tranquil private island of Maiton.

Maiton is an unspoilt natural paradise that offers the most incredible private island experience with only a handful of guests allowed in the island at a time.

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Situated just 9 kilometers off the Southeast Coast of Phuket, Maiton Private Island is the perfect definition of ‘hideaway not far away.’ Getting to the island takes only 20 minutes by speedboat or 45 minutes by catamaran. Speedboats and catamarans operate daily (begin at 8.00 AM) from Phuket Deep Sea Port.
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At Maiton, exploring the beauty of the underwater world is just 10 steps away from the shore! Dive into the crystal clear water and discover a whole new world underneath; a thriving coral sanctuary that is home to 400 species of fish and spectacular marine life.

Relax and bask in the glow of the glorious warm sun by the shore and feel the waves as they touch the soles of your feet. Look out into the horizon and if you are lucky, you might spot some dolphins frolicking in the sea.



There are two ways to get to Maiton and the best option depends on how much time you have for the trip. Speedboat is popular for guests with limited time and who wanted to get most out of the day trip while catamaran is perfect for those who are not in a hurry.
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Getting to the island is very fast and convenient by speedboat, which only takes approximately 20 minutes from Phuket. With this option, you will have more time to explore and experience the island. Speedboats operate once daily at 10.00 AM from Phuket Deep Sea Port. Tickets can be booked by contacting our sales staff

Ha Long Bay – Vietnarm


Tropical landscape and some of the world’s friendliest people, Vietnam is an incredible locale for a luxury yacht charter. Vibrant cities play off the stunning rice paddies and lush forests of Vietnam. A former French colony with much Chinese influence, there an incredible culture to be found.


The French left their mark here with impressive infrastructure and architecture that you would not expect to find during a Vietnam yacht charter. Cities with wide boulevards and delectable French cafes sit in interesting juxtaposition to the Chinese and Confucius influences also found. Explore the beautiful temples and pagodas found throughout.

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling urban center with incredible history. Visit the various museums, which pay tribute to Vietnam’s turbulent past, or marvel over the incredible architecture of the various religious sites, such as the Central Mosque, the Siagon Cathedral or the various beautiful pagodas, which pay tribute to various gods and goddesses, such as the Phung Son Tu pagoda, honoring the god of happiness and virtue.


Ha Long Bay is famous for its unearthly scenery. The “Bay of Descending Dragons” must be seen to be believed. Cruise the bay during your Vietnam yacht charter to catch a glimpse of its magic. Also worth a visit, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park located in the central coast of Vietnam. Explore deep into the countryside, observing stunning rice paddies and untouched jungles. The rugged beauty of the landscape offers caves and peaks.

Nha Trang is one of Vietnam’s most impressive beaches. Situated at the foot of the city, this white-sand beach with stunning turquoise waters sits under towering skyscrapers. Lounge in the sun on the sand lined with resorts as the city buzzes with life behind you. Or enjoy the driven white sand and shallow waters of Doc Let beach. Isolated and serene, here you can relax without the hustle and bustle during your Vietnam luxury yacht charter.



  • Cruise the UNESCO World Heritage site Ha Long Bay
  • Discover the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
  • Traverse the underground Cu Chi Tunnels of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Dine at Evason Ana Mandara on Nha Trang beach
  • Spend a day perusing the markets of Ho Chi Minh City for local delights
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Ko Kho Khao travel guide


Just a ten minute boat ride from the Takua Pa area of Phang Nga province, Ko Kho Khao (pronounced kaw koe cow) doesn’t look very different from the mainland. However, for those seeking a family beach destination that’s not as remote as nearby Ko Phra Thong but not as busy as Khao Lak or Phuket, Kho Khao is worth a visit. The island’s long golden beaches are the main draw, and aesthetically these are similar to the beaches of the Khao Lak area further south. The waters are slightly murky and lack the pristine aquamarine hues of Ko Surin, to the west, but the beaches still make for great swimming, romantic walks and dazzling sunsets.

The island still feels like something of a secret place, but more resorts are gradually popping up. Though Kho Khao (Neck Mountain) island is increasingly included on the tourist radar, especially with Germans and Scandinavians, it remains a markedly sleepy affair — the perfect place to enjoy seclusion without sacrificing quality, comfort and an adequate selection of visitor-oriented services.


About 16 kilometres from north to south, Ko Kho Khao is characterised mostly by flat, grassy sand flats towards its centre and a sprawling area of mangroves and canals to the east. The current population of around 1,300 is nearly all Buddhist, with three small Buddhist temples found on the island. Baan Pak Kohat the pier is the busiest (but not at all busy) of the island’s five villages. Aside from tourism, Kho Khao locals earn a living mainly from fruit, rubber and palm oil plantations and shrimp farming.

Historically it was a landing spot for ancient settlers who over time then spread across the Malay peninsula. Later, it was a popular stopping off point among Chinese and other traders during the Takua Pa area’s heyday as a tin mining centre.


Ancient pottery, jewellery and sizeable Buddhist and Hindu statues have been unearthed at the Tung Tuk archaeological site on the island’s southeast, some of which may be seen at Phuket’s Thalang National Museum and the National Museum in Bangkok. A couple of (neglected looking) pavilions at this ancient town site house large, informative posters with historical details and photos.

To the northwest there’s an old, overgrown air strip that was used by the Japanese during World War II. Other low-key sights and activities include the small but pretty Toan Thong Waterfall to the northeast, a kayaking operation that runs excursions into the northern and eastern canals, birdwatching trips, snorkelling at nearby Ko Pha or the more remote Ko Tachai, and diving with the island’s only dive operation — Kho Khao Diving.

Peak season at the mangroves.

A paved two lane road runs straight from Baan Pak Koh all the way to the island’s northern coast, and everything on the island is located down side lanes off this road. Most of the high end resorts are situated along the southern stretch of beach known as Pak Koh with a solid mid range spot a bit further north on Bang Neang beach. At low tide it’s possible to walk along the beaches for several kilometres, but at high tide parts of the southern beach become impassable save what’s been protected by seawalls constructed by some of the resorts.

Further north is Nok Na beach, the most remote stretch of sand with a similar feel to the ultra secluded beaches of Ko Kho Khao’s northern neighbour, Ko Phra Thong. Towards the north it’s also possible to explore the dirt paths by motorbike or bicycle that wind deep into the mangrove areas to the east.

Where did that day go?

Due to its flat landscape Ko Kho Khao was devastated by the 2004 Tsunami, and many locals chose not to return and rebuild. Tsunami warning towers and evacuation buildings are scattered throughout the island, with one beachfront resort — Ocean Breeze — even building its own tsunami escape tower. The most visible reminder of the tsunami’s destruction is at Baan Muang Mai on the east coast, where all that remains of its former sub-district office is the foundation, now serving as a shrine of sorts. Parts of the island still have a forgotten and haunted feel, especially at night.

Unless coming by private longtail from Ko Phra Thong, virtually all visitors to Ko Kho Khao arrive at Baan Pak Koh’s Ko Koh Khao pier at the far southern point of the island after disembarking from either the longtail or car ferries that depart from Nam Khem pier across the narrow straight that separates the island from the mainland.

Immediately after arrival the island presents itself as a friendly and accessible place with an ample number of taxis, restaurants, shops, and tour companies offering motorbike rentals. The infrastructure is good throughout, with internet and mobile access most everywhere. Free WiFi is available at nearly all of the resorts across the island and some restaurants.


The island has two health clinics, one at the northern end of Pak Koh village and another in the north, and the hospital in Takua Pa is less than a half hour away by boat and car.

There is a small police box across the main road from the entrance to Tacola Resort.

There are a couple ATMs near the pier at Baan Pak Koh, and the larger resorts accept VISA and Mastercard.

Ko Kho Khao is very much a seasonal destination. While a few resorts remain open year round you can expect them to be running with skeleton staffs and most of the tourist facilities on the island to be shut down from May through October.

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Source: https://www.travelfish.org/location/thailand/southern_thailand/phang_nga/ko_kho_khao

Lee Marine 2018 Ferretti Group Private Preview

Previous Ferretti Group Private Preview 2017

For as long as the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival in the French Riviera has been taking place, Lee Marine have been involved.

The exclusive live performance has opened the 2017 edition of the Ferretti Group Private Preview. Through tomorrow evening yacht Owners have the opportunity to admire the entire Group fleet in this special preview, including the 6 models making their international débuts, which will be displayed for the public as of Tuesday, 12 September, at the Cannes Yachting Festival.


Monte Carlo, 9 September 2017 – When Duran Duran appeared on a stage that seemed to skim the water’s surface and surrounded by magnificent boats, the Ferretti Group’s guests must certainly have felt that they could identify with the sentiment expressed by the title of one of this legendary British band’s famous songs: All You Need Is Now.
The spectacle and glamour of this memorable event were made tangible in the enchanting Monégasque night.

A live performance full of hit songs and energy once again proved Duran Duran’s boundless talent, as they switched between irresistible dance rhythms and the pop songs that have made music history for the last thirty years


Considered the yachting event of the year, and the largest on-water European boat show, Cannes Yachting Festival 2017 again presented a spectacular line-up of yachts and activities.

Billed as the ‘Ultimate Rendez-vous’, this event was held from 12-17 September at the beautiful Vieux Port and Port Pierre Canto. International yachting enthusiasts viewed an even larger and better yachting show.


“Many début yacht models from the well-known, worldwide builders that Lee Marine represent in Asia were featured,” Joshua Lee, Founder and Managing Director of Lee Marine states. Private showings and sea trials were available and booked with the Brokers. The latest models from preferred brands such as Ferretti Yachts, Custom Line, Pershing, Riva, Cantiere delle Marche and Riviera proved popular for both viewing and sales.


Staying in Europe, Lee Marine team set off to the Monaco Yacht Show – 27-30 September.  In Port Hercule for its 28th edition, the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is steadfastly recognised as one of the world’s leading superyacht shows. Exhibitions include over 125 extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards and welcomes leaders from the yachting industry. This year, 40 new launches were unveiled in a worldwide debut.


“We look forward to continuing working with the yacht builders, experiencing their latest models, and to meeting keen yachts-people to discuss their yachting requirements and dreams at national and global events,” Joshua Lee, Founder and Managing Director of Lee Marine says. If you are unable to attend, follow us at: www.leemarine.com


CRN Latona’s endless beauty.

Wide open-air spaces, timeless elegance, 50 metres of style and functionality – CRN’s new superyacht offers an original interpretation of the art of bespoke shipbuilding.


Ancona, 3rd of August 2018 – CRN’s mastery of shipbuilding reaches its utmost expression in the new 50-metre superyacht Latona, which will be presented as a world première at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 at the end of September. Delivered in May, the Italian Atelier’s latest masterpiece has been custom-built to meet the wishes of a highly selective and determined Owner. Drawing inspiration from the ‘Superconero’ of the 1960s, the Latona marks the success of a new joint project between CRN and Zuccon International Project. Indeed, this new yacht’s technical solutions and the slender lines of the hull have been developed by CRN’s Engineering Department, while the craft’s exterior lines were pencilled by design firm Zuccon International Project, who, together with the Shipyard’s Interiors&Design Department also took care of both interiors and exteriors.


With her 50 metres in length, four decks and an underdeck, the Latona stands out for her classical, timeliness profile that further enhances the style and elegance of outdoor areas. The yacht’s interiors are pervaded by a refined Liberty-style mood, a stylish fil rouge that unravels through all guest areas. The streamlined bow and the spacious interior and exterior volumes, in turn, also include some breathtaking areas almost ‘hanging’ over the sea, let the Latona shine in all her endless beauty.

Designed jointly with the Customer, this megayacht has been forged and built to meet her Owner’s request for the utmost customisation, in an effort to achieve pure uniqueness – a uniqueness that is also reflected by the colour chosen for the hull, a stylish shade of turquoise whose intensity varies depending on the sea bottom and the waters in which the yacht is cruising.

Onboard the Latona, guests will find numerous outdoor areas – from the wide Mediterranean-style sundeck to the lounge area at the bow, the outdoor living areas and the al fresco dining area located aft to the magnificent terraces overlooking the sea, all the way to the exclusive tender bay obtained on the lower deck. The latter forms a large open-air lounge integrated with the beach club, featuring a solarium, a fitness area, a hammam and a sea-water indoor pool perfect for children to have fun and also ideal to store the tender in the yacht’s ‘belly’ during navigation.


The Latona is a yacht endowed with a strong personality, capable of harmoniously combining the elegant style of her exterior lines with highly functional outdoor and indoor areas as well as interiors boasting a truly distinctive design. And it is just in the interiors that the skilful, refined craftsmanship of the Shipyard and its suppliers has reached its peak, thanks to a painstaking study of the Central European style from the 1920s. This mood now pervades all interiors, starting from the floors, which are enriched by unique decorations chosen by the Owner, like the sinuous dark brown embroidery – a leitmotiv that is found across all decks. Depending on the areas of the yacht, this elegant pattern unravels along the floors (both marble and carpeted ones) as well as on the curved handrail of the internal staircase, creating a pleasant contrast with the light-shade wood panelling on the walls.

Sinuous lines are, indeed, like a fil rouge accompanying guests in all areas of the yacht. Furniture too is characterised by soft, rounded shapes that stylishly harmonise with handcrafted, sophisticated décor elements – from the lacquered doors decorated by graceful, ‘waving’ bass-reliefs to the custom-made lamps in Murano glass with flower and leaf patterns drawing inspiration from nature, in perfect Liberty style. The elegant interiors are further enriched by oak-wood wall panelling with silver pickle finish. Every wood panel is a unique piece, created with unparalleled craftsmanship and decorated with fabrics selected individually by the Owner and wooden flower patterns that are also found in the ceiling-mounted spotlights of the master stateroom.

The Latona can comfortably host up to 10 guests in five cabins characterised by extremely refined details: the master cabin, two VIP cabins and two double cabins, plus accommodation for 9 crew members, including the Captain.

Main deck
The cockpit on the main deck features large, comfortable living areas in the light blue and turquoise colour shades found in all outdoor decorations and a wide swimming pool with a mosaic that delightfully combines turquoise shades and golden details while also letting plenty of natural light shine through to illuminate the tender bay located below it.

Inside, the Latona elegantly combines precious materials, sinuous pieces of furniture, and very refined hand-made decorations. All main deck areas are characterised by carved wood panels with fabric inserts and mirrors, dark oak-wood, and elegant marbles.

The main deck salon includes a large dining room furnished with a stylish round table in walnut wood with silver decorations and chairs embellished by a floral pattern that will add an exclusive touch to equally exclusive gala dinners. The ceiling above this area has mirrors and wooden carvings that accurately reproduce the Emperor Dark embroidery decorating the floor. The ceiling-high glazing allows the opening of the dining area on three sides, to dine al fresco and enjoy the breathtaking view from the two sided terraces.

YLatona_Main Deck-0002_32597

As specifically requested by the Owner, the galley has been located behind the dining area, and a convenient hatch has been cut out in the wood panelling, making service even more efficient while being discreet and easily concealed when not needed.

Amidship, along the corridor, the 1920s Parisian atmosphere embraces and enchants guests, thanks to the Liberty decorations on the doors and the uninterrupted wood panels decorated with floral patterns that separate the main salon from the lobby and the Owner’s apartment. In particular, the spiral staircase in front of the lift, which connects the three guest decks internally, is fitted with a central backlit column in wood lined with silver leaf.

Slightly further, towards the bow, is the exclusive full-beam Owner’s apartment, characterised by a very original layout. The cabin opens up to a living room furnished with a neutral-shade rounded sofa, a very exclusive and private area for the Owner couple. A distinctive element in this area is the fumoir, a private balcony that can also be enjoyed while cruising.

The master stateroom impresses for the countless hand-made details, such as the bed headboard in dark walnut wood and light-blue velvet, the soft and sinuous lines of the furniture, the white wool and silk carpeting decorated with the dark brown embroidery that runs across the entire yacht, and the elegant appliques in blown glass. The ceiling too is a true masterpiece of the skilful craftsmen that worked on it, with wooden five-petal flowers forming a crown around the spotlights. On the right-hand side of the suite is a spacious, exclusive private terrace offering a magnificent view of the sea.

Inside the suite, two entrances allow to gain access to the bathroom for him and for her, entirely in magnificent bright Carrara marble. Here, the Emperor Dark shade makes the two mirroring washbasins and the sinuous dark brown embroidery decorating the floor stand out against the golden Calacatta marble. The large circular hydromassage tub and the walkthrough shower are located in the central part of the bathroom, while the finely elegant taps and the doors in processed glass with haut- and bas-relief decorations are all stylishly harmonised details that add a truly unique touch to this room.

Lower deck
The Latona is a peaceful, luxurious haven, the peak of CRN’s innovative solutions being reached in the lower deck aft area, which has been turned into a large, exclusive open-air living area integrated with the beach club – over 70 square meters allowing space to enjoy moments of pure celebration both indoor and outdoor, to relax in the Turkish bath decorated with a custom mosaic, work out in the fitness area, lie down in the solarium, but also store all the water toys available for the whole family. Children can also have fun in the sea-water indoor pool – also featuring a precious blue and turquoise mosaic – that becomes a garage for the tender when the yacht is cruising.

YLatona_Lower Deck-0002_32601

The lower deck also hosts the four guest cabins. Two double VIP cabins can be found aft, decorated with fabric-lined panels, lacquered panels, mirrors adding even more depth to the cabins, and carpeting with a refined, sinuous pattern reminiscent of sea waves. Two twin cabins are located at the bow. One is for the younger children and is furnished with a bunk bed (plus a concealed one for the nanny), while the second has two sliding beds that can be converted into a double, as well as an additional pullman bed. All cabins are ensuite, with bathrooms sharing the same style as the Owner’s, from the fine marbles to the large showers with a seat.

Upper deck
Reaching the upper deck, guests are welcomed into a large salon devoted to music. Liberty style pervades this area too, as shown by the special custom-made sofa shaped as a lyre, a musical instrument typical of the 1920s, and by the decoration of the white carpet lying at its feet. Another eye-catcher in this room is the elegant, white-lacquered grand piano.

All interiors are pervaded by bleached oakwood, with alternating matte and polished sections, and marble. The embroidered ceiling, the curved engravings in the wall wood panels, the precious curtains, and the Lalique lamps contribute to making this area truly unique. Thanks to the wide side windows and the glazed surfaces opening up to 120°, the music salon is very bright and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

YLatona_Upper Deck-0000_32591

Outdoor, guests can find the al fresco dining area, featuring a fully-customized teak table in Liberty style, a bar, and a lovely open-air tea room, the real jewel on this deck. Two large sun pads complete this area, while the inflatable climbing wall will undoubtedly offer unforgettable and exciting adventures. The upper deck lobby is embellished by Central European-style details and is covered by a skylight that lets in plenty of light directly from the sundeck. Walking further towards the bow, the Captain’s cabin and office can be reached, followed by the navigation bridge, built in the same dark brown shade as Latona’s recurrent embroidery motif.

The living area and the solarium located in the forward part of the yacht are very large and comfortable. Here, all the furniture is in navy with furnishings in a lovely palette of light blue shades. This area also features the concealed garage for the rescue boat – located under a huge sun pad with cushions, a roll-out awning – and two jet skis.

The sundeck, in typical Mediterranean style, is made up of three ideally-separate but physically-uninterrupted areas that unite to become one single open space: the dining area, the forward sunbathing area fitted with a Jacuzzi, and the aft solarium, furnished with four sunbeds and an imposing sunbathing area that develops vertically, remains isolated from the rest of the deck and therefore ideal for total relaxation.

The inflatable slide, one of the family’s favourite toys, is deployed on one side towards the stern, while the central area, conceived to enjoy the pleasure of sharing meals with the family’s dear ones, also features a pleasant water mist system installed in the ceiling to cool this area when needed. A barbecue and an American Bar can also be found here.

YLatona_Lower Deck-0001_32600

Onboard comfort is ensured by latest-generation home automation solutions, allowing control of the audio-video system, the lights, as well as the decorative and black-out curtains using the i-Pads installed in all areas and rooms or directly from one’s own device after downloading the dedicated app.

Thanks to two Caterpillar C32 1081kW @ 2300 rpm engines, the yacht can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots.

The Latona is the latest jewel created by CRN and the utmost expression of the craftsmanship and mastery of a dedicated and demanding team, driven by the vision and passion of a highly-selective and determined Owner family. This yacht fully embodies the Shipyard’s will to shape the Owner’s talent and wishes, as expressed by the motto “Made by you with our own hands.”

CRN’s Latona will be presented as a world première at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 at the end of September. Latona’s endless beauty.


World Premiere 39 Sports Motor Yacht launched at the Sydney International Boat Show


Riviera presented the World Premiere of the latest model in our outstanding Sports Motor Yacht collection, the 39, at the opening of the Sydney International Boat Show earlier this month.

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst told a gathering of more than 400 guests during the Saturday evening gala celebration at the boat show: “Our team is truly proud to unveil the outstanding new 39 Sports Motor Yacht to boating aficionados in Sydney. She provides a compelling new entree to the Riviera family.

“Our international design team and engineers have crafted a sophisticated new design, with multiple entertainment spaces that are emblematic of Riviera Sports Motor Yachts.

“The Riviera 39 Sports Motor Yacht is a brilliant example of Riviera’s evolution and constant refinement across our five collections.”

Stepping aboard the Riviera 39 Sports Motor Yacht

The fixed swim platform leads through a starboard transom door to the cockpit, an open space for entertaining and water sports. A barbecue unit is set across the transom, facing forward and accessed from the swim platform.

In the cockpit,  a teak table and a comfortable lounge set under the awning window to port offer alfresco dining. Optional fold-out seating is recessed into the coaming on both sides.

Access to the engine room is via a large hydraulic lifting hatch while a smaller hatch, immediately aft of the saloon door, is available for day-to-day maintenance.

Sunlovers will enjoy the foredeck with its optional large sunlounge, accessed via the side decks featuring raised bulwarks.

A stair-ladder on the starboard side of the cockpit connects this space with the extended flybridge where a twin helm-and-companion seat forward faces a helm with comprehensive engine controls and navigation displays behind a raked windscreen. Guests relax on an L-shape lounge aft of the helm while a superbly crafted rail envelopes the rear section of the flybridge, providing a plush backrest to the wide lounge, privacy screening and an anchor-point for navigational equipment.

Sun protection to the flybridge is provided by a folding bimini top.

The finest American white oak timber panelling and cabinetry, skillfully paired with elegant fabrics, enhance the contemporary styling throughout the 39 Sports Motor Yacht.

In the saloon, a fully-equipped aft galley is on the starboard side with a dining area opposite, offering 360-degree views. The standard lower helm is forward to port and a supple lounge opposite provides sweeping views forward.

The lower deck provides sleeping accommodation for five adults in two staterooms. The luxurious master stateroom forward includes a queen-size walk-around double bed, a wardrobe, overhead lockers and shelving. Hull windows and a deck hatch flood the stateroom with natural light and fresh sea air.

The bathroom immediately aft includes a vanity, toilet and separate shower stall.

The midship stateroom includes twin beds athwartships to starboard and a single bed set along the port side. Natural light and fresh air is provided to this stateroom by generous hull windows, fitted on both sides with opening portholes.

Power for the new Riviera 39 Sports Motor Yacht comes from twin Volvo Penta D6-IPS600 system with twin diesel engines (2 x 320kW/435hp) and IPS pod-drives and joystick control.

Industry-leading Volvo Penta warranty

The systems, drives, engines and electronics on all Volvo Penta-powered Riviera motor yachts are covered by an industry-leading five-year limited warranty to complement Riviera’s structural five-year limited warranty.

Lee Marine and Ferretti Group announce a new 3 year distribution agreement for Thailand.

Lee Marine International Marine Brokers Logo

Lee Marine and Ferretti Group announce a new 3 year distribution agreement for Thailand. Brands included are Ferretti yachts, Pershing, Riva and Custom Line.

Lee Marine's Founder, Joshua Lee hosted a spectacular poolside Party including a massive screen showing latest, hot yachts and local sea setting

“Once again we are excited to put pen to paper on a new 3 deal which takes us through to 2022 with our long time partners and friends at Ferretti Group” says Joshue Lee “as they contiue to invest in new model and support we are very proud to retial their products to our valued clients and hope this new alliance brings more joy to many soon to be owners of these magnificent yachts”.

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