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Be there in a flash. Cruising comfortably at 50+knots per hour, powered by twin 350 engines – ATARI VI. Step aboard Lee Marine’s fresh, high-tech, carbon fibre Farr 38. The Ferrari of any speed genius in its class – perfectly fits this top notch company’s persona.

This exciting and beautiful boat exhibits a powerful stepped hull with shear sides, integrated center console, comfortable lounging area forwards and a spacious aft deck, creating an open and relaxed atmosphere. The Premier 38 (P38) is built, using the latest technology and techniques by Premier Composite Technologies, using a combination of GRP and infused carbon composites to increase rigidity and save weight. Powered by up to three Mercury Verado 350 engines, the P38 will comfortably achieve speeds in excess of 60 knots, making the Premier 38 one of the fastest boats in this class. Farr Yacht Design engineered and designed the entire boat – from the hull shape to the styling and console.

Hull Construction:

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For the P38, Farr Yacht Design created a two-step ventilated hull. In research, this was shown to reduce drag over a large portion of the range of speeds the powerboat will operate at.

Farr Yacht Design put in a lot of effort to determine the sizing and positioning of the chine strake and the spray rails. The design efficiently sheds the spray sheet without providing large flat surfaces that can cause unpleasant ride characteristics and noise.

A detailed review of computational simulations was used to optimize the strake arrangement and layout and fine tune the implementation of the centerline pad geometry to provide enhanced directional stability. The boat is engineered to accept a range of powering options allowing the power plant to be customized to best match an owners needs for speed or fuel efficiency.

The center console benefits from all-round visibility for the pilot and co-pilot and the lightweight hardtop and screen provides both protection and comfort. An integrated fresh-air supply comes from the ventilation cowl moulded into the hardtop. The large dashboard can be fitted with a selection of electronics and navigation equipment, with ample room for two 15in. screens. The power assisted steering and throttle controls are perfectly located to enable smooth driving and perfect control at all times.

Up front, the P38 boasts a comfortable seating and lounging are for up to 6 guests. An additional 2 passengers can sit comfortably on the forward facing banquette, built into the front of the console.

The high bulwark around the vessel ensures guests can move around the boat safely whilst underway. For comfort, there is a built-in toilet and shower in the forward section of the console.

Lighting, including the navigation lights, is all LED. Further low level lighting is provided throughout the cockpit area, whilst underwater lights are fitted to the transom of the vessel. Two elevated floodlights are fitted to the hardtop to light the aft deck area. A spacious aft deck provides easy access on and off the boat via the open transom.

Interior Layout:

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Rod holders and outriggers can be installed for fishing. Further options exist for an additional fishing module (incorporating bait wells and storage) or seating pod at the back of the boat. Refreshments can be served from the small galley area build into the back of the helm’s seating module, which incorporates an aft facing fridge, sink and BBQ compartment.


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