Custom Care Packages

Lee Marine realises that many of our valued clients want step on and step off use of their treasured yachts. Based on the client’s specific requirement and yacht use, we custom tailor a package for your needs. Services range from system checks, cleaning, preventative maintenance, sea trials, bunkering, provisioning and crew services.

Crew Services

A vital part of the total enjoyment of your yacht under Lee Marine’s care is qualified, happy crew. We select and train crew to high standards ensuring the very best experience while at sea and on land. Our proven, full services include visas, contracts, confidentiality, salaries and associated tax advice as required.

Services supplied by our PCC affiliate (Guernsey)

• Crew General Employment
• Interviews
• Comprehensive Reference checks
• Crew Payroll
• Crew Training
• Crew Agreements
• Crew Annual assessments
• Crew Leave

• Crew Travel
• Crew Discipline
• Crew Dispute resolution
• Crew Re patriation
• Crew visas
• Crew uniforms
• Crew general administration

Financial Management

Lee Marine have a long and successful history managing yachts in Thailand with full discretion for the owners. We provide banking advice, corporate structures and accounting and cash services to meet every requirement.

At Lee Marine we understand the importance of professional and transparent financial management of every aspect of your yachts operation. Our experienced accounting team work hand in hand with the internal management team, the crew and finally owner to ensure careful and accurate budgeting is implemented on board your valuable yacht.

Services included

• Preparation of operational budgets specific to your yacht
• Design chartered accounts specific to your yacht, classification of expenses, oversee and manage monthly accounts for presentation upon request to the owner / owner’s representative
• Organise and monitor payment of all creditors and suppliers, crew payroll and expenses via our PCC affiliate – on time and within budget
• Source and approve reputable contractors and suppliers to ensure the most competitive prices and quotes
• Arrange subscriptions and quotes for all services on board while maintaining the required administration
• Provide dedicated bank accounts for the yacht along with credit cards and cash flow for crew and other requirements