Riviera 6800

2024 Riviera 6800 Sports Yacht Platinum Edition Makes its Global Debut

In May 2024, at the Sanctuary Cove show on the Gold Coast, Australia, Riviera introduced its newest flagship sedan model, the Riviera 6800 Sports Yacht Platinum Edition. This model, part of the Sports Yachts series, addresses the rising demand among boat enthusiasts for increased on-board living space and state-of-the-art features.

At the exclusive launch, guests were treated to a serene cruising experience, luxurious interiors, and top-notch service. The overwhelmingly positive reactions from attendees underscored the yacht’s unparalleled appeal and Riviera’s commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards.

The world premiere of the Riviera 6800 Sports Yacht set a new benchmark for Riviera’s Sport Yacht Collection. Its flagship status and enthusiastic market reception highlight its allure to yacht enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

6800SY launch

A New Standard in Luxury and Innovation

Wes Moxey, CEO of Riviera, emphasized the flexibility and opportunities the new model offers. Owners can choose between four cabins below decks or a configuration of three cabins with a lounge. The yacht’s twin Volvo Penta D13 IPS1350s can be paired with fins, gyroscopic stabilizers, or both, ensuring a customized and stable cruising experience.

The Riviera 6800 Sports Yacht Platinum Edition stands out with its significant enhancements and spacious design. Notably, it is the first Riviera model to fully integrate lithium-ion battery technology for house duties, promoting efficient and sustainable power management. Additionally, the extended hardtop covers the entire cockpit, eliminating the need for a canvas awning and providing better protection from the elements.

Key Features of the Riviera 6800:

  • Blue-water performance
  • Smooth and quiet journey
  • Seakeeper gyroscope for stability
  • Timeless styling
  • Luxurious single-level living
  • Ease of operation

A highlight of the Riviera 6800 is its tender garage, specifically designed to house the Sealegs 3.8TE. This 3.8-meter tender features electric motors that enable it to drive onshore, offering significant convenience by allowing owners to move the tender ashore without manual handling.

Powered by MAN V12 diesel engines, the Riviera 6800 offers two power options (1550 hp and 1800 hp), suitable for long-range journeys. With a generous fuel capacity of 8,500 liters and a modest draft of 1.90 meters, it allows for versatile navigation. The Seakeeper gyroscope ensures a smooth ride, even in challenging waters, while high speeds are achieved without compromising onboard tranquility.

Technological Innovations

The yacht features a state-of-the-art touch-screen navigation system, Volvo Penta Assisted Docking, optional high-speed internet via Starlink, and Praxis solar charging systems. These technological advancements ensure modern connectivity and operational ease.

Design and Style

Collaborating with superyacht designer Luca Vallebona, the Riviera 6800 Sports Yacht exudes style and sophistication. The Platinum Edition features refined luxury elements like an electric sunroof and elegant grey caulking. Inside, the helm showcases hand-stitched leather chairs, Sunbrella fabrics, and Alcantara finishes, ensuring a luxurious touch in every detail. The yacht’s cockpit and saloon areas are highly praised for their design and amenities, blending luxury with functionality.

Another standout feature is the swim deck, which is equipped with integrated steps that can lower into the water or rise to match the dock height. This design simplifies boarding and enhances the overall user experience, making water activities more accessible.

The all-weather aft deck is a comfort haven, featuring an extended hardtop, tinted glass quarter panels, a breezeway blind, and a sunroof. Guests can enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather, with a plush guest lounge enhancing the onboard experience.

The tender garage offers ample storage for water sports equipment and includes an intelligent tender cradle and electric winch system. An overhead freshwater shower and automatic lighting add convenience and visibility.

The yacht’s interior is spacious and luxurious, offering three or four staterooms and three designer bathrooms. The master stateroom with a private ensuite, the VIP guest stateroom, and additional customizable rooms ensure every guest’s comfort. Gleaming timberwork and soft fabrics create an elegant atmosphere throughout the interior.

Riviera Company Background

Founded by Bill Barry-Cotter in 1980, Riviera has grown to become synonymous with world-class motor yachts. Despite industry challenges, the company remains a leader in luxury yacht manufacturing, exporting globally and continuously innovating.

The Riviera 6800 Sports Yacht embodies nautical mastery, combining luxurious design with state-of-the-art performance. It is a testament to Riviera’s commitment to excellence, offering unparalleled luxury and a journey that transcends the ordinary.