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Riviera presents four World Premieres at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from May 23 to 26


Riviera will proudly present four spectacular World Premieres at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from May 23 to 26.

At the time of publication, the details of these models was being tightly guarded.

Including the four World Premieres, Riviera will host a magnificent 11-model red carpet showcase at Sanctuary Cove, Riviera’s biggest display in one location in Australia in 2019.

The end of Pier F at the Boat Show marina will be transformed into Riviera and Belize World and will certainly be the centre of attention. The prestigious Riviera Motor Yacht Club will be surrounded by the 11-yacht showcase and will host owners and events throughout the show.

Selected models from every one of Riviera’s five Collections of motor yachts will be on display. Registered visitors will be guided by a Riviera representative as they inspect sophisticated Sport Yachts, sporty and adventurous SUVs, blue-water Flybridge models, long-range and luxurious Sports Motor Yachts and classic-styled Belize motor yachts.

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst said that the team is elated with the Premiere models.

“For almost four decades, Riviera has developed a highly respected heritage, launching more than 5,400 yachts in this time. These new motor yachts, the latest in a very distinguished line, will take Riviera design and style to another level in luxury,” he said.

“The alfresco layouts, merging the welcoming and superbly equipped cockpit spaces with luxurious and comfortable interiors, are the hallmark of Riviera.

“Our highly awarded international designers, engineers and master craftsmen are continually refining the designs and easy-to-use technology and equipment aboard our motor yachts that make the joy of Riviera ownership a sheer pleasure.”