Josh Lee owner and co-founder of Lee Marine Thailand

Lee Marine: A 25-Year Legacy Built on Passion, Integrity and Expertise

Since our launch in the summer of 1997, Lee Marine has faced and conquered a myriad of challenges, a testament to the inevitability of change in life and the business realm. From commencing operations amid the Asian Financial Crisis to commemorating our 25th year amidst the global pandemic, our journey has been marked by evolution and resilience.

Beginning as the first yacht brokerage in Thailand, we have transformed into a comprehensive marine services provider. Our trajectory involves managing vessels, from small local crafts to servicing luxury yachts and superyachts in the region. Today, our team serves as consultants and advisors on new builds of various sizes and budgets, in addition to facilitating the sale of boats globally.

Throughout our exhilarating journey, Lee Marine has anchored itself to fundamental principles, ensuring a steadfast guiding core in the face of challenges. While many businesses make grand statements about their values, we prefer to let our actions speak.

Josh Lee, owner and co-founder, emphasizes the enduring importance of passion, expertise, and integrity. “Our passion for boats was there when we started, and it still drives us today. Our time in the industry has taught us much more, using this expertise to help customers buy the boat of their dreams. By being honest, direct, and loyal, we have built valuable, long-term relationships.”

These relationships stand as a testament to our success. Our first sale of new build boats, a Riviera, initiated a lasting connection that recently culminated in the sale of the new Riviera 78 Motor Yacht. This sale, the third for buyers Jacky and Rudi Dijk, illustrates the enduring trust cultivated over many years.

Martin Holmes, co-founder, highlights the significance of understanding customers: “We know what they like, what excites them, and what they need to enjoy their time on the water.” Good relationships make a difference, evident in the manufacturer’s innovative approach to the Riviera 78, showcasing trust in Lee Marine’s expertise.

Trust, built over time, is grounded in Lee Marine’s extensive knowledge of boats. In the late ’90s, Josh and Martin relied on this knowledge to build their reputation. Today, troubleshooting repairs remotely seems small-scale compared to guiding customers through luxury yacht builds, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead and being armed with knowledge.

While yachts have evolved, the team’s enduring motivation remains rooted in their passion for sailing. The recently sold Riviera 78 underscores this commitment, with Martin personally overseeing sea trials and delivering the yacht to the new owners. This level of dedication exemplifies the passion, integrity, and expertise one can expect from Lee Marine after 25 years.

In an ever-changing world, we hope some things, like our commitment to excellence, never change. Here’s to the next chapter in our journey!