Wa Ale Island Resort – Myanmar

Off the beaten path, Wa Ale Resort is hidden in the southern tip of Myanmar on an archipelago of the Andaman Sea. The remote location is part of the Lampi Marine National Park, and it’s only accessible by a 1 hour, 40 minutes long speed boat ride. However, first, you need to get to the Kawthaung Airport and head off to the local jetty. The lengthy travel will pay off from the moment you catch a view of the scenic rocky coastline and the pure white sandy beaches.

This eco-tourism project on the Myeik Archipelago is built on the 5,000-acre island of Wa Ale. Nature was kept intact while working around all the trees, keeping disturbance to the wildlife minimal, and cutting down trees to null. Energy is provided by solar panels, and they have a water filtration system.

The resort is spread around the Turtle and Honeymoon beaches. The eleven Tented Beach Villas offer panoramic ocean views. They have private terraces and additional green privacy “fences” thanks to the lush mangrove forest. These coastal trees will also serve as a cover when you have a refreshing outdoor shower. There are also three Treetop Villas fixed high-up on the canopy of trees with ocean views and fresh breeze.

This romantic hideout is best the best option for couples. Its balcony on the second floor tells tranquil tales about timeless unwinding. The most remote accommodation on the island is the one-off Beach House. It’s located in a secluded bay on the scenic 1 km stretch of Honeymoon Beach. Here, you will have your private butler, housekeeping personnel, and four bedrooms. For the time being, consider the indigenous forest and the beach all yours! Last but not least, three spacious private beach bungalows are on offer half a kilometer from the Beach House on Honeymoon Beach.

The Main Pavilion has an open-air beach restaurant and bar. Activities around here are plenty. The beautiful coastline with bays and inlets calls for exploration. Kayak and paddleboards are available for riding on the pristine rivers surrounded by mangrove forests. Guided wildlife spotting on an island hopping tour in the Lampi Marine National Park is one of the highlights. If you are ready to dive deeper, snorkeling and diving in the warm azure waters through reefs and caves will open you to spectacular underwater life.

Source: https://www.uniqhotels.com/wa-ale-resort